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Thank you very much for visiting BMICC webpage. Please explore all sections of the webpage and take advantage of our different programs organized by BMICC. We are here in Calgary to help you in a range of services including Marriage Registration, Islamic Lecture/ Halaqa, Youth Halaqa, Quran Tafseer/Class etc. We welcome your donation to support our different programs. Your feedback is also much appreciated.

Maktab: Weekend Arabic/Quran/Adaab classes for children:

Days : Every Saturday and Sunday | Timing : 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM | Ages : From 5 Years to 12 Years | Teacher: Headed by the Imam of BMICC | Volunteer Coordinator: Mohammed Omar Faruque, Tel: 14036294531, E-mail: | ***We need more volunteers; full time or part time for this great work. If anyone is interested, please contact with Volunteer Coordinator Br. Mohammed Omar Faruque.***