About Us

Baitul Mukarram Islamic Centre Calgary (BMICC) is a registered (Government of Alberta, CAN 5017676890), non-profit, non-political, non-partisan and charitable (pending approval by CRA) organization. BMICC is governed by a Board of Trustee consisted of 45 members of different professionals living in Calgary, Alberta.

Our vision is to advance the Islamic faith by providing spiritual and educational resources to muslims and non-muslims, locally, nationally and worldwide.

Our mission is to provide a place and platform to practice the teachings of Islamic faith and the religious tenets taught to us by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for a peaceful, multi-cultural and harmonious society.

The specific purposes are as follows:

1. To provide opportunities for recreational and friendly social activities in order to build up a strong Muslim community.

2. To promote beauty of Islamic culture among the BMICC members and to introduce the true face of our faith towards non-Muslims so as to bring about mutual understanding based on tolerance and peaceful coexistence by creating awareness and avoiding misconceptions.

3. To advance Islamic education, ethical and religious activities by providing educational programs, organizing seminars and conferences.

4. To engage in social development activities such as blood donation, humanitarian aids, professional development, resume writing services, income tax preparation services, etc.

5. To enhance social welfare of children, youth and women of the Muslim community.

6. To assist new comers to Calgary in finding accommodation and jobs etc.