A PayPal account has been setup for BMICC masjid project. Anybody can donate through Debit or Credit card for this noble project.


Click on the following button to proceed with your donation via Paypal:

Or, Scan the following code with your phone:

If you prefer to donate directly to BMICC Bank account

1. Name of Account: Baitul Mukarram Islamic Centre Calgary

2. Account # 5019433

3. Transit # 81069

4. Institution # 004 TD Canada Trust


6. Beneficiary Address: 3770 Westwinds Drive NE, Unit 207, Calgary, Alberta, T3J 5H3

7. Bank Address: 208 Saddletowne Circle NE, Calgary, Alberta, T3J 0C9, Canada

May Allah accept our donation and give the rewards here and hereafter.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “Whoever build a mosque for Allah-be it large or small-Allah will build for him a house in Paradise”. -Sunan al-Tirmidhi

Fund collection activities are in progress to purchase a property in Calgary City to establish a Cultural Center/Mosque where all religious and social activities will be held. Please donate generously for this noble project.