Blood Donation

BMICC organizes volunteering blood donation programs for Canadian Blood Services. BMICC volunteers as well as other community members regularly donate blood individually or in a group throughout the year. If you wish to donate blood, please contact our Blood Donation Program Coordinator, Nazim Ahmed, Phone: 14035682610, e-mail:

BMICC Blood Donation Program on 22 November, 2014

BMICC Organized a blood donation program on November 22nd, 2014 with active participation of BMICC committee members and volunteers. Thank you to everyone for making the program a success.

Image: BMICC Committee members Ekram Aziz (Left) and Nazim Ahmed (Right) are donating blood in the program.

Image: BMICC members Hamidur Rahman and Ishtiaq (Left to right) donating blood in the program.

Image: BMICC Blood Donation Program 2014