Marriage Services

If you are looking to get married, Mabrouk CONGRATULATIONS!

Islam recognizes the value of companionship and advocates marriage as the foundation for families and channeling the fulfillment of a base need. Marriage is highly valued and regarded as being half of one’s faith, according to a saying of Muhammad (pbuh).

A prominent figure in our community Kazi Shuja Rahman has the appropriate CLERGYPERSON license required for Nikkah / Marriage services. A religious marriage officiant, commonly referred to as a clergy person, or religious representative, is an official of a religious organization. The religious organization to which they belong authorizes them to perform marriages in Alberta.

The governing authority of a recognized religious organization registers its clergy/religious representatives with Vital Statistics before they can perform marriages in Alberta. A governing authority is the person appointed by a religious organization (for example: chairman, president, elder) to represent the organization to Vital Statistics for the purpose of registering religious marriage officiants. No person can lawfully solemnize a marriage unless registered under the Marriage Act. Please contact us via EMAIL for more information. EMAIL:

Youth Programs – Halaqahs and more

Helping young people incorporate islamic values and supporting them in their journey is a goal for all of us. We have weekly programs targeting our local youth with various activities. Sports is a great way to bring people together and this coming year we will build a soccer program for kids, teens, adults insha’Allah. We encourage ALL to bring your kids and share the good news of being closer to Allah Almighty.


Under no circumstances is violence against women encouraged or allowed.” The holy Qur’an contains tens of verses extolling good treatment of women. Several specifically enjoin kindness to women (2:229-237; 4:19; 4:25).

We at BMICC understand that POST COVID era has been very difficult for many in our community. Counselling for domestic violence by independent counselors who are trained in this field are available to BMICC members.

Bellow is a link that can help you.

Weekend Maktab

We as a non profit organization, have an amazing opportunity to help others learn about Islam and the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) therefore we feel blessed to operate a weekend Islamic learning program at BMICC led by several volunteers and teachers.

Will – The Islamic Way

“It has been ordained upon you, when death is near one of you, leaving wealth behind, to make a will in favor of parents and close relatives, impartially. This is incumbent upon the pious” (2:180). What is an Islamic will? An Islamic will is a legally-binding document that stipulates to whom a person will be leaving their assets (property, possessions, money) to upon their return to Allah (SWT). This will take into account two groups of people: Ascendants: Including your spouse (husband/wife) and parents. Please email us for more information and we will connect you with the right party. In Sha Allah E: