New Comers Support Program

BMICC volunteers assist new comers in finding accommodation, searching jobs, and learning languages. BMICC is undertaking the following year-round activities to help new comers:

A.   Accommodation

Help find accommodation for new comers to Calgary, through personal reference and providing  website link for rental information, e.g.,,, ,

B. Employment

Provide information for prospective job opening through personal connection, reference and websites, e.g., ,,, refer to   BCAOC Directory and website.

C. Resume Writing

Refer new comers to Individual professional to help review their resume and help them to write the resume according to Canadian Job Market.

D. Volunteer Jobs

Guide them to look for Volunteer Jobs and eventually establish a strong local reference for future job opportunities.

If you need any help, please contact our New Comers Support Coordinator, Fazle Momen, phone: 403 804 1747, e-mail: .